To DIY, or not to DIY

Visrut Sudhakar - 21 Jul 2018

Photo by malcolm lightbody on Unsplash

I recently came across an interesting discussion thread on the web community Indie Hackers asking “What Tech Should You Use in 2018?”. Answers ranged from entirely “no-code” technology setups, to complex, jargon-laden server orchestrations that seem to require a full IT department and an infinite coffee supply to run.

For community oriented, non-profit organizations, technology projects can often times be an unnecessary overhead presented as enticing bet to dramatically improve day-to-day operations. Sometimes the ideas for technology-powered tools come from inside an organization, and other times they are pitched by external consultancies and companies. In this article, I will present common scenarios in which organizations implement technology tools, and key criteria to consider in each scenario when deciding how to build or purchase solutions.

Upgrading from “Free” to Professional Grade Products

One of the most common situations organizations find themselves in, especially as they become more established, is the inevitable upgrade from a free style account to a more professional @yourdomain.tld setup with individual accounts for employees.


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