Breaking Ground

Cassidy Soutter - 05 Jul 2018

The hardest part of anything is the beginning. Computer Science + Social Good started in the academic year of 2017-2018. We started as a small group of computer science students who wanted to use the things we were learning in class to make real solutions to improve the state of our society. Similar to a start up, one of the hardest part of journey so far as an organization has been convincing people that we can create change and that what we’re doing matters. Whether it’s recruiting members who care about social good, getting people to come to meetings or trying to find feasible projects, the success of our organization lies in the hands of the same people we are trying to help: our community.

The picture that I associated with this article is the SpaceX rocketship. Working at a young organization shares many similarities to the risks of launching a rocket. After months of work and thousands of hours put into a project, within seconds the success of your time and investments is known. In order to ensure your success, time and effort must be given unconditionally to nurture and develop the product. At CS+SG that’s what we are trying to do–to create something that people will use and can take with them into the rest of their lives so that we can create a better future for our community through the utilization of technology.

So as we go forward in this journey, we ask you all for a few things: patience, passion, a desire to learn, and your honesty. We want to give you all the tools you need, without you this will not be possible. There are going to be challenges and many days of frustration for our members, but growing pains are positive. So please, stick with us and hopefully we’ll launch into the future with nothing but possibility around us.

Welcome to Computer Science + Social Good.


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